Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is the contribution of business to sustainable development goals, maximising the benefits and minimising the downsides.
NJI Transport are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our customers and do so without compromising the requirements of those that are incidental to the operation of our business.

NJI’s values:

By applying these principles to our everyday operation we can continue to successfully provide transport solutions.

Health and Safety

With health and safety issues becoming increasingly prevalent in our own and our customers industries, we at NJI have implemented a comprehensive health and safety policy. It is the Company’s policy to take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety, health and welfare at work of all its employees in fulfilment of its moral, legal and economic responsibilities. These measures are also aimed at protecting other persons insofar as they come into contact with the Company and its activities.
Our policy is to provide for the Health, Safety, Security and Welfare to employees and other persons affected by our operations. In order to achieve this, our company provides and maintains the following:

Internal health and safety audits can also be arranged for your own records.


Operating on a nation-wide scale, delivering consignments the length and breadth of the country can have a negative effect on the environment. As such we take responsibility for minimising the negative effects in every way we can, from reducing noxious emissions and particulars through the use of the latest engine technology (Euro 4 and the even more stringent requirements of Euro 5), down to recycling waste paper in our head office.

Our policy objective is to:
Ensure the effective management and maintenance of all equipment and processes in order to bring about an improving sustainable relationship between ourselves and the whole supply chain in the context of our total environment committed to those around us at all times through the combination of:

Investment – in a modern efficient fleet offering the latest technology to reduce both noise and fuel pollution with reduced Carbon Dioxide emission control to Euro 3 engine specifications.
Training – On and Off site training for drivers and staff
Maintenance – Strict adherence to six weekly service/inspection schedules, daily visual key checks and full compliance with all statutory certifications.
Management – a total Risk Management system employed throughout the company with continued assessment on results and performance.