Here to help

We have a dedicated team here to help you with any haulage jobs you may have. We have people in position with an abudance of skill sets. Please contact any of the team to discuss your needs.

The team


NJI Transport was born out of a single owner driver, namely Nigel Iles.


Nigels vision was to create a haulage company providing the kind of service very few others could. He had the knowledge to see gaps in the market for lorry mounted fork-lifts and hiabed vehicles.


Since its birth in 1995, NJI has grown from a 7.5 tonne single vehicle, to a company now running an array of vehicles, which include hiabs & rigids, vehicles all capable of towing drawbar trailers, and when needed lorry mounted fork-lifts. NJI also benefit from having artic units with 40 & 45 foot trailers respectively.